Friday, May 15, 2015

Short Solo ride to Girdarpur, Ghangola, UP

After trying to search for where to go in a short period of time that is both not hectic nor far, yet most enjoyable and refreshing, I could find nothing. The only place that locals could suggest was way far in Faridabad or Gurgaon. The problem is not the distance, but the traffic in between.

It would be insanely foolish to visit a place that is merely 60kms far after crossing 40kms in the turtle-slow moving traffic of Delhi. After a bit of searching on the maps, I found a lake that just probably could be it.

The road was fabulous 6-lane of asphalt. I love asphalt way more than the concrete roads of the Yamuna Express way. Its much more stable and environment friendly.

Selfie at the lake

The lake

The Shiva temple is right between the lake

Idling out at night, post return

The entire ride is compiled into the video log below. Can be viewed on 720p HD.

I screwed mammothly up with the processing of the video. Originally it shoots great, sharp & crisp.